M. Haris Usmani is a grad student in the MS Music & Technology program at Carnegie Mellon University. He did his undergrad in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS), Pakistan. He completed his high school education at Lahore Grammar School (LGS), Pakistan.

As an undergrad student, he focused on Embedded Systems, Computer Networks and Computer Vision but his strong interest in Music and Audio Engineering in general led him to explore the interdisciplinary field of Music Technology. He has worked on several projects that demonstrate his development and research skills.

Haris has been part of various underground bands (Project JT, Beneath the Covers, Nescafe Basement), pursuing music as his main extra-curricular. He focuses on lead vocals, but also has experience of rhythm guitars, composition and production. His music listening revolves around the genres of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock and Metal.

At LUMS, he was an active member of the Music Society, Media Arts Society (LMA) and LUMS PsiFi. At CMU, he’s part of the South-Asian A Cappella group Deewane.

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