Hum Rahein na Rahein – Nescafe Basement

LEAD VOCALS on Hum Rahein na Rahein – a cover of Roxen at Nescafe Basement.
Recorded in Summer 2012.
A short Urdu song as a prelude to the next part- this is a cover of a Pakistani pop band but we’ve modified the composition.
Please bear with me for the Nescafe ads in the video.

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Vocals: Haris
Backing Vocals: Asfar
Saxophone: Jibraan
Acoustic Guitar: Rabbi
Electric Guitar: Shahrukh
Bass Guitar: Turaab
Drums: Mansoor
Keyboard: Hamza
Original Song by Roxen
Music Production Studio: Xth Harmonic
All Music Arranged, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by: Xulfi


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