Drum Cover of Open Car (Porcupine Tree)

LIVE RECORDING & PRODUCTION: Drum Cover of Open Car (Porcupine Tree) by Shahab Ahmad

Recorded/Produced in Summer 2012

This is my experience of recording live drums. I used the X-Y microphone technique as it produced better results than the A-B technique. I was challenged by the mediocre equipment we had: Low-cost vocal microphones, budget drum pieces (and only a few with branded skins on them). Despite these limitations, I was able to produce a decent sound for a drum cover.

Getting the kick right was the hardest part. We didn’t have a proper kick microphone and the actual note lacked punch. Hence I had to make up for it using a sub-kick triggered with the kick track. I mastered this drum cover using Ozone.

Shahab Ahmad – Drums
Haris Usmani-Audio Recording and Production
Aizaz Ahsan-Video Editing

“The 17/8 in the verse sections makes this song quite a fun challenge to play. Gavin Harrison is easily the biggest drumming inspiration I’ve had. One of my all time favourite Porcupine Tree tracks.

Shahab Ahmad

Disclaimer: Porcupine Tree-Open Car
from the 2005 release “Deadwing”
is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).


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