Circles – Project JT

LEAD VOCALS, STUDIO RECORDING & MIXING on an original composition – Circles: Project JT
Composed in 2009, Recorded/Produced in Summer 2012
This was an original composition I made with my school band’s guitarist- Ahmad Kazim. I also wrote the lyrics for this song.
I recorded and mixed this song in three weeks, taking my time to make sure no compromises are made. I used a Line 6 POD-X3 Live as the Audio Interface. I tried Mastering the song myself, using Ozone and Waves Plug-ins but due to the unavailability of Studio Monitors or Studio Headphones, I could not achieve the quality I wanted. Hence, I opted for an online Mastering service by Groove-Phonic.
This is my first individual production. Being a hard-rock song, this piece brings forward the limitations of sequenced drums- nevertheless overall it’s a good sound. 2nd chorus onwards is my favorite part.
Download HQ MP3

Project JT is an underground Pakistani band that started out in 2008, comprising of class-mates from LGS Johar Town (hence the name JT). We’ve come a long way, from a mellow start to a more diverse flavor in music.
As a band, we were inactive from 2010-2012, and this single is perhaps our way back in the music scene for sometime at least. In fact, this song was composed in 2009 but is recently recorded (Summer 2012) and is our 2nd original.
All members of Project JT have been pursuing music with other bands and in their solo projects. Look-up the following names to hear more from us.

A Note from the Producer: This piece would not have been possible without help, advice, critique and support from the following people.
-Ahmad Nadeem (LUMS)
-Zulfiqar J. Khan (Call/Xth Harmonic/Nescafe Basement)
-Shahrukh Aslam (LUMS – Meow! Loved your guitar, hope it sells big =p)
-Muhammad Saad (LUMS)
You guys have contributed to this as much as I have.

Vocals: M Haris Usmani
Guitars: Ahmed Hussain Kazim
Bass: Fahad Anjum
Drums: Shahab Ahmad

Composition: Ahmed Hussain Kazim
Lyrics: M. Haris Usmani
Album Art: Fahad Anjum

Production: M. Haris Usmani

Recorded & Released: 2012


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